22 January, 2010

Part Time Christian

I ran into an acquaintance a recently who was dressed, let's say "differently" than I would normally see or think of him. His garb indicated he was working for a particular business. I found it kind of strange, knowing this fellow and I guess he could see the startled look on me. He said, laughing nervously, "This is not who I really am, I still have my other job, but I do this on a part-time basis." (Please note: I'm not belittling this person. I respect them for taking a second job to help out their family in times that are challenging them economically.) Right after that, when I climbed into my van, I just sat there for a few minutes as the Holy Spirit spoke to me, saying, "That is much of those who sit in the church today." What God was saying to me is that there are many who put on "the garb" of a Christian on a part-time Christian, but most of the time they have another "profession" or confession. What an indictment!

I have been thinking on this for a few weeks now, and I have been more keenly in tune with observing myself and others around me. I've noticed people who are "praise God and hallelujah" in church and all day on Sunday, but then throughout the week their life takes on a different tone. I see people griping and complaining about church and God. I have observed people who post all over Facebook about their love for God, yet come through the checkout lane with beer and vodka. I've heard people whose lips praised God on Sunday and Wednesday, dropping the "F bomb" from those same lips. I've witnessed people say they will trust God one day, accusing Him of failing them a few days later. Seems to me some have taken on the role of "part-time Christian." Who do they think they are fooling? Don't get me wrong; it is not my intent to sit in judgment and criticize today. Rather, I hope to maybe wake a few people up.

This morning I was surfing the net and I came across a page entitled, "Lukewarm Christians." On it, the write wrote:
"Are you a lukewarm Christian? Do you go to church on Sunday and Wednesday and then put your Bible and God on a shelf the rest of the week? Or do you just use God when you're in a crisis or need something that just can't wait? Do you knot that God see's the very depths of your heart? 'If we have forgotten the name of our God, or stretched out our hands to a strange god, shall not God search this out? for he knows the secrets of our heart.' Psalm 44:20-21"

I'm searching my own heart. I pray others search their own. There really is no such thing as a "part-time" Christian. You either are, or you are not. You can pretend. You can be a wanna-be", but with God, it is all or nothing.

Let me conclude with this video I found last week.

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