10 December, 2009

Well, Now That That's Settled

OK, since Gibbs says climate change is no longer debatable, I guess we are just supposed to accept that fact and bow down to those who want to rape our wallets and steal our freedoms in the name of a global farce that has now been proven to have been created by a bunch of knuckleheads. Notice that it has gone from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change." Duh... of course the climate is changing! It always has changed and gone through cycles. When I was in high school all the "experts" were telling us we were on the threshold of an ice age. Then they told us we were creating holes in the ozone layer and the temps were going to continue to rise. Now that the cycle is changing again and the temps have dropped over the past year or more, they are altering their hypothesis yet again. Has anyone noticed that the people spewing this rhetoric are getting rich off of it? Hello? Yeah, the climate is changing... it does it four times a year, and they are called seasons.

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