19 December, 2009

A Very Special "Thank You!"

All of the folks who worked to put on the Galesburg Christian Theater production of "Three Wisemen and a Baby" hosted at our church, deserve a lot of credit and thanks, and we do thank you. There is one young man however, who has made some tremendous personal sacrifices in order to uphold his commitment to be in this production, which has caused him other problems, but in order to be a man of integrity, he has paid the price. He does not even know that I know of these sacrifices, and I don't believe Amber knows of them, but I wanted him to know, it has been noticed, and so very much appreciated. Jordan, I have always thought a lot of you, but your stock went way up in my book this past week. You are quite a young man, and I am very proud of you and thankful for you!
Thank you more than words can say!

Pastor D

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