08 December, 2009

There Is a New Breed of Christianity Out There

I'm sure I will get blasted for this post, but hey, I'm used to it.
The thing is, that "Christianity" is changing. Today's breed of Christian feels no need to be committed to church, no need to tithe, no need to live a life of holiness... it's all about them and how God accepts them just as they are. The thing is, God DOES accept us into the family of God just as we are, but then there is supposed to be a change. Seems like I read somewhere something about not being conformed to the this world. In fact, that verse in Romans 12:2 reads this way in the New Living Translation: "Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think." This new breed of Christian thinks that they can show how cool they are and how cool God is by using profane speech and shock value in their behavior. God's not interested in being "cool." You see, cool today is lame tomorrow. God is who He is. We are to conform to the image of His son, not try to conform to the image of the world.
Oh... relevant? Yes, we do need to present the Gospel in a relevant way, but that NEVER means compromising our standard (of holiness) nor the integrity of the Gospel or our Lord. Today we have people sitting in our church singing praises to God, raising their hands and shouting... then going out and having illicit sex, drinking with their buds and acting exactly like the world. Call me judgmental, but I'm saying God is not having a part of this! God demands that we be a holy people. God demands that we come out from among them and be separate.
This "new breed" of Christianity is NOT Christianity at all. To be a "Christian" means to be Christ-like." Somehow, I just do not believe that Jesus would be using the language and doing the things that so called Christians are doing today.
Nope... Not buying it.

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