13 December, 2009

Is the Bible Not Enough?

I just sat and watched a TV show of a couple preachers from a nearby town where for 30 minutes they trash talked Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Billy Graham as well as others and spewed out crap about how these men are preaching a false gospel and that they are not (and I quote) "not even Christians." Wait a minute... I believe I even talked about this today in my sermon... the term "Gospel" means "Good News." What is the "Good News"? It is a message of hope, deliverance and life! Yet all these men did was run down these ministers and speak curses upon them and those who follow them.
Now, based on just this little information that I have given you, let me ask you: "Who do you think is preaching 'the gospel' and who is spewing a false 'gospel'." I can't speak for anyone else, but I'll take the message of hope! Jesus always spoke life... abundant life... not curses and death. I'm just wondering, can't these guys find enough in the Bible to preach without spending all their time, energy and money to tear down these ministries?

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