04 December, 2009

I Still Can't Get Over This

I've been writing this blog now for just over 4 years, and I still find myself amazed and humbled at the fact that people want to read what I have to say. I actually publish this through Blogger, Facebook and Myspace, and there are a number of readers from each site. I started blogging, really, more for me than anything. I have found it theraputic to vent my thoughts. It was never really about others reading in the beginning. Now, I find that I have regular readers from around the world. In fact, about 1 of every 4 readers is outside the United States. It just blows my mind. This picture is a screen shot of a map showing where my readers have logged on from today. This is just the readers on Blogger.
I just think it is so cool to see this every day.

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