27 December, 2009

Be Willing To Start Small

"'For who has despised the day of small things?...'" Zechariah 4:10 NKJV D.L. Moody became a spokesman for God and a changer of nations. But if you'd met him early in life you wouldn't have thought it was possible. Although he was raised in church, he was spiritually ignorant. When he moved to Boston he began attending a Bible-preaching church.
In April of 1855, a Sunday school teacher came to the shoe shop where he worked and led him to Christ. A month later, when he applied to become a member of that church, it was clear that he knew nothing about the Bible.
One of his Sunday school teachers later wrote, 'I've never met anyone who seemed less likely to become a Christian of clear and decided views, much less fill any place of public usefulness.' So they asked him to take a year of Bible study.
During his interview with the membership committee a year later, his answers were only slightly improved. He was barely literate and used atrocious grammar. Nobody on that church committee thought God would ever use him.
But they were wrong.

And the people who say you will never amount to anything for God are wrong too!
Every oak tree starts as an acorn.
Jesus began in a stable but He didn't stay there.
David was a shepherd boy with a slingshot but he became Israel's greatest king. Joseph was a prisoner but he became prime minister.

Understand this: you are a seed capable of producing a harvest for God. So take all that you have and all that you are, place it into God's hands and be willing to start small.

The above post is adapted from my daily devotional, "The Word for Today" and I wanted to share this for all my readers.

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