13 October, 2009

What Makes a Great Worship Leader?

A Friend of mine sent the following to me in an email and I thought this was worth sharing, especially for all my friends who are pastors who are looking for a worship leader, as well as for those who are worship leaders. The rest of you may find some good info here too.

What makes a great worship leader?

1. A great worship leader is CLOSELY CONNECTED TO GOD.
A worship leader must first worship God privately before he or she worships God publicly. I believe a great worship leader has an intimate connection with God. He or she should be someone who yearns for time alone with God, who thirsts for the living God; always asking himself, “When can I go and meet with God?”

2. A great worship leader is a DEFLECTOR.
Leading people to encounter the Presence of the Living, Most High God is a formidable and audacious task. Great worship leaders know how to deflect attention they received and point it directly to God. It would be senseless, arrogant and ultimately the greatest exercise in futility to do otherwise. Imagine a human being taking credit for something God has done through them or for them.

3. A great worship leader is CONSTANTLY GROWING.
Most churches are stuck in a worship rut because the worship leader is not in tune with the times or with God. Worship should be always evolving and developing. Drama, multi-media, praise teams, and praise bands have radically revolutionized the worship experience the last 20 years. What will God make worship look like 20 years from now? A worship leader must stay in step with those changes to be great.

4. A great worship leader is SENSITIVE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT.
Worship is defined very simply as encountering the presence of the Almighty. Man cannot worship God without the Holy Spirit enabling him to direct his attention and praise to God. A great worship leader must stay in step with the Holy Spirit, so when the Spirit changes directions, the worship leader automatically follows.

5. A great worship leader SEEKS TALENT.
Besides the preaching ministry, worship is the most influential ministry of the church. A great worship leader will proactively search for others gifted in the skills of worship to include in this ministry. Moreover, he will also take time to develop the marginally gifted so they too can lead in worship.

6. A great worship leader BELIEVES WORSHIP IS MINISTRY.
Worship is ministry, not performance. Too many times worship leaders perform and thus distort the purpose of worship. A great worship leader realizes worship is a ministry experience. First, worshipers minister to God, which results in God ministering to His worshipers.

7. A great worship leader is LOYAL TO HIS PASTOR.

The relationship between the worship leader and pastor is unique and can often be fragile. The worship leader knows this and does whatever he can to serve his pastor in order to serve with his pastor. He must therefore protect and defend this delicate role. When the relationship between the worship leader and pastor is weak, the church suffers. When it is strong, the church thrives. A great worship leader is loyal to his pastor.

written by Pastor Ryan Whitley

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