26 October, 2009

It All Depends On Your Perspective

Our temperatures have been up and down bringing about the fall colors in the trees lately, and it really is beautiful this time of year. Unfortunately, we've had a ton of rain and wind the last few days, which drove a lot of the leaves from the trees and onto the ground. This morning a delivery woman came to my door and while we were talking, she made a comment about how beautiful our lawn looks. She said that it looks as if we had a golden carpet on the yard. I looked at it and laughed and said, "I guess it depends on your perspective. You see a beautiful golden carpet, but I see several days of raking and bagging leaves."

After I came back into the house, I was thinking about our conversation and I realized that there are a lot of things in life that may look totally different to different people and their perspective or vantage points.
I was reminded of a conversation with someone just recently in which they made the statement about me that I "had to go to church every week." The irony is that I don't see it as having to go to church, but rather that I GET to go to church. I've lived life without Christ and now I have lived for him for the last 28 years and as a person who has lived from both vantage points, I am so grateful that I GET to serve God and have the opportunity to go to church as often as I can.

A little while later I was looking online at someone's Facebook page and their pictures. There were numerous pictures of this person and her family members drinking at various parties. This person had one of her father who you could tell was very intoxicated even in a picture. The caption made a comment about how falling down drunk he was and how hilarious it was to watch him make a fool of himself. She saw it as hilarious and as having the time of her life. I have a different perspective. I see a man who was once serving Jesus and leading his family to do the same. I saw a family that is lost and going to hell, and there is nothing funny about that. Perspective does matter.

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