23 September, 2009

Expand Your Borders!

There's an old story about a frog who was born at the bottom of a well. There in that well he had water and food and he was comfortable. He thought life was splendid and that it just could not get any better, until one day he looked up and he saw sunlight. Climbing to the top of the well to investigate, he was amazed to find a much larger pond than the one he lived in at the bottom of the well. He decided to move out of the well and to set up housekeeping near the pond. One day he heard cows mooing and he ventured away from the pond to investigate, where he discovered a lake that was much larger than his little pond, so once again he moved. One day he began to investigate further and he found a rolling river, and diving into it, he was carried off to the ocean. Climbing out of the ocean onto the beach the little frog was amazed that as far as his eyes could see, there was nothing but water. Standing there gazing out at the ocean it dawned on him how limited his thinking had been while living at the bottom of that well. He thought all he ever need was down in that well, but now he had discovered that what he had experienced was but a drop in the bucket compared to all that was out there for him to enjoy.

Many people are living in their own little "well," reluctant to leave their comfort zone and they have settled for a limited and safe existence while all the while God has so much more in store for them. Isn't it time to climb out of the well and expand your borders? Isn't it time to quit staying in the safe confines of the "box" of safety you are in? Perhaps you've settled for where you are because you feel like circumstances of life have limited you. Remember, the enemy will do everything he can to keep you focused on your past in order to limit your future. Bruce Wilkinson says, "It doesn't matter whether you're short of money, people, energy or time. What God invites you to do will always be greater than the resources you start with."
Don't let fear limit your vision when God is your source because His supply is without limits! Just one idea, one dream, from God can change not only your life, but the lives of others as well. But first, you have to climb out of the safety of your well.

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