30 July, 2009

Where is the Love? (revisited)

A young woman I know in the Burg had broken free from a relationship where the man was emotionally abusive and had cheated on her repeatedly. I was so happy for her. Last week I discovered that after months of being away from him, she took him back yet again. My heart broke for her, because I realize that she really has no idea of what love is and is so insecure in her own self that she thinks she cannot make it without him. I hope she learns before it is too late. This morning as I was thinking about her, a post I wrote last year came to mind and I wanted to bring it back up to the top. I hope maybe she reads it and she discovers that what she needs in her life more than anything else is Jesus Christ.

Where Is the Love?

I met someone this past week and spent a few hours listening and trying to give advice, although I think it fell on deaf ears. This young lady had been having an affair with a married man for the past couple of years, being strung along by token gifts, sex (which she mistook for love) and hundreds of empty promises that he was going to leave his wife and marry her. He told her last week that it was over, that he was staying with his wife. Now, she is beginning to wake up to the reality that she has been being used and abused for all this time, and she is feeling dirty and unwanted. She told me that in reality, all the guys that she knows have viewed her as a sure bet to sleep with and that she feels no man will ever want her as a wife, only as a plaything. She's feeling totally used up, unloved and unwanted. She called me looking for someone to just listen, in hopes that someone might care.

You know, this is how Satan does all of us. It may not be through a sexual affair, but he toys with us, uses us and leads us on with promises of a better tomorrow and then when he has us set up, the bottom falls out. This is what he does. The Bible says he comes only to steal, kill and destroy. His goal is to steal your heart away from the real love that God offers, kill your spirit and destroy your life and destiny. It is not always with a man or a woman; but sometimes it is through business, sports, drugs, big dreams, hobbies, even religion. He knows where our weakness is and he sends someone or something to steal our affections away, to entice us away from the Lord, from attending worship, from people who love us and then when he has us where he wants us, he rips the rug out from under our feet and leaves us wallowing in a pit of despair. That drug that once made you laugh and think you were having the time of your life, is now a ball and chain to you. That "fun" you were having with illicit sex ends up in an unwanted pregnancy that shatters all your dreams and plans. That boy friend or girl friend that you poured all your time and energy into and gave yourself to in pleasure that you mistook for love, dumps you for another. And you find yourself thinking, "it's over. There is no hope for me."

You can change the story line a few hundred times over and insert different things and/or people that lured you away, but the "game" is always the same. You find yourself sitting all alone asking the question, "Where is the love?"

I'll tell you what it is you are looking for...
It is found in Jesus Christ.
The Bible says, "Taste and see that the Lord is good."
Remember the old commercial, "Try it, you'll like it!"
Jesus is just waiting for you to come give him a try.
You've tried everything else in this world, why not try the one who loves you like no other and will always be there for you.

How do I know?
Because I tried him, took him at his word and I have been in the most awesome relationship with him now for the past 27 years.

I promise, you will not be disappointed!

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