17 July, 2009

Get Ready For Your Miracle

We are just a few weeks away from "Revival Fire 09" which will be held at Harvest Church of God in East Galesburg, IL August 16-19. Revivalist Tom Scarrella will be with us for these meetings and we are expecting miracles, signs and wonders in these 5 services. If you are in the area or are close enough to drive in, we invite and encourage you to join us. I wanted to share this brief video clip to introduce Tom Scarrella to you. For more information about his ministry, visit his website at http://www.scarrella.com


Tim said...

We had Brother Tom in our church for 4 services and in every service miracles took place. People leaving wheel chairs. Neck braces thrown away. It made me think, "this is the stuff Jesus did during his 3 year ministry on the earth." Jesus still heals today and he uses Tom Scarella to show his love. Get ready Galesburg to see the works of Jesus in your midst.

karabaer said...

i loved it From:JayCee