24 June, 2009

One Step From State Run Television?

OK, we all know that the mainstream media was in the bag for Obama during the election, but this latest maneuver is going WAY over the top. The ABC network has decided to run a prime time program which will allow Obama to promote his government run health care plan to America. ABC refuses to allow a Republican counter opinion, even refusing to allow paid commercials which oppose the Obama plan.
Folks, this is pretty darn close to a state run television such as we have been seeing in Iran. ABC is clearly siding with the Obama camp. A quick fact check shows that since Obama has taken office, ABC's World News and Good Morning America have aired stories that have featured Obama or supporters of his health care plan 55 times, whereas they have only had 18 appearances by those who opposed his plan. (BMI)

The show will be a question and answer type program, which sounds fair, but the fact is, ABC admits that they have already preselected which questions will be asked. Still, ABC claims the program will be a fair and balanced look at the President's plan. This is not a Presidential address which will be aired on all networks and allowing an opposing opinion to be aired. No, this is a blatant attempt to sway gullible, uninformed Americans toward a disastrous health care plan which will cost tax payers more than 1 Trillion dollars and will absolutely strip Americans of choice of health care providers and take us into socialized medical care. If you have not taken a good look at what socialized health care will do to America, you need to do so now, not later. It only takes a cursory look at the Canadian health care system and you will find, for example, that a simple procedure that a 30 minute out-patient proceedure that you can go to your doctor and have the procedure scheduled and performed in about one month here in America, will place you on a waiting list under the Canadian plan, that if you are lucky, you will have done in about 3 years. This is what socialized medicine does. The only way the government can control costs under a socialized plan is to limit the number of procedures done per year, thus creating the long waiting lists. Why do you think Canadians regularly slip into the United States for medical care? Socialized medicine just does not work. But here we are in 2009 under the Obama administration, not crawling toward socialism, but running at break-neck speed toward becoming a socialist nation. In 6 months we have seen the government taking over the auto industry, most of the banking, trying to take over insurance and much more that I don't have time to go into.

America, wake up. Our freedoms are eroding faster than the soil on the bank of a flooded river. ABC is manipulating people and this upcoming broadcast is absolutely wrong. I hope people will begin to boycott the advertisers of ABC. This is the only voice we have, to pull our dollars from companies who back this nonesense.

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