10 May, 2009

The "Rewards" of Ministry

So often we pastors only share the hardships and draw backs of ministry, but there are also great blessings. Yeah, sometimes it is hard and sometimes it is stressful and even frustrating. But then there are days like today. I've had more people than I can remember tell me how the sermon I preached today really ministered to them at just the right time. That, for me, is a real pick me up, and confirms within me that it was indeed a word from God. I've had a couple of phone calls from folks telling me that God has been challenging them through the messages I've been preaching in recent weeks. I've had several talk to me either in person, on the phone or by text message telling me how they are growing in the Lord. Two people sent word thanking me for being there to help lead them to Christ.
This is what it is all about. Every late night phone call, every stressful week... those things fade from memory when you hear what God is doing in the lives of those whom you shepherd.

Man, I love doing what God has called me to do!

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