29 April, 2009

Stop the hysteria!

I've really had it with the all out attempt to push Americans into a state of panic over the swine flu. Is it something to be concerned about? Yes. Panic and hysteria? NO!

There have been a total of 64 confirmed cases of swine flu in all of America. Sixty-four! One person has died, and they believe this was a Mexican national who was on American soil.

Let's put this in perspective. Every year in America, some 13,000 people die every year from the common flu, yet they are trying to get American's stirred up over 64 people out of a population of over 303 Million people.

Look beyond all this and see what is going on. A week ago, people were calling for the firing of top Obama staffers. This week, we are not hearing a word of this because the focus is on 64 people who have become ill.
Get a clue America. It's smoke and mirrors... that's all.

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