25 April, 2009

Preparing For the Prom

My baby girl is going to her first school prom tonight. She is just a sophomore but was asked to go with a senior. Ashley has been to other school dances, even formal dances, but not a prom. She's been so excited for weeks. We've been shopping several different times in different cities until we found just the right dress, the right shoes and the right jewelry. Since we bought the dress she has had to try it on over and over. We also had to take the dress to have it altered a little to fit her short, petite frame. We went and ordered the boutonnieere for her date a few days ago and will pick it up later today. Last night a dear friend and church member came to the house to do her nails for her. Today, her hair will be done and she'll put on all the final touches with makeup and prepare for her big night. Pictures will be taken here at the house, at Tanner's house, and probably at the park or somewhere. It's taken weeks of preparation for this one event which will be over before you know it.

As I sat here this morning thinking about all of the preparations, I began thinking about the preparations that we all should be making which of are far more importance; that of the marriage feast of the Lamb. We've been told about this for some 2000 years, yet so many are still not really preparing for the time that Christ returns. As I look at the world events happening all around us in 2009, it is so apparent to me that the return of Jesus could happen at just any moment and we need to be prepared. Not only should we be prepared, but we should do our part to make sure those around us are also prepared. In the weeks of preparation for the prom, Ashley and the other girls have compared with one another, told of sales and helped one another to find dresses, jewelry and so on. We too need to be concerned for those around us, helping them to be ready for "the big event." It's my prayer that we all make the preparations and are ready for the day, the moment, the twinkling of an eye when the bridegroom comes and we are taken away.
I remember the chorus to a song that a family member wrote many years go that says:

This old world will never hold me
Anymore, and I'll be gone
For I've made my consecration
And I have my wedding garments on

Too many people think that they are going to wait for the last minute to get ready. It just doesn't work that way. Could you imagine if Ashley had waited until today to begin getting ready. No way would she find a dress, shoes and all the other accessories to match. There would be no time for alterations. It wouldn't happen, just like it is not going to happen for people who think they'd get ready with God just before the Lord returns. Today is the day of salvation. Now is the time to get ready and tomorrow just could be too late.

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