17 April, 2009

Almost Back to Normal?

It's been thirteen days now since I had my surgery and while I am feeling quite a bit better, I really just am not myself. Today I went back to the doctor to have the stint removed (which I NEVER want to go through again) and I'm already feeling a little better since it is out of me. I have brief periods where I'm feeling almost normal, but then it is just like suddenly I have no energy again. I've been frustrated by this to say the least, but today I asked my doctor about this and he assured me that I am doing very well. He told me that I needed to realize what I've gone through. He said that pneumonia, kidney stones and surgery, all at the same time, whereas anyone one of these would normally set someone back signifcantly for a couple of weeks, but having them all three of these simultaneously has put a great strain on my body and that it may be a couple of months before I am back to normal. I guess my expectations are just too high, but I am feeling enough better that I want to jump up and get things done, but my body is telling me to put the brakes on. I have never been one who does slow down and wait very well, so this is a real challenge and learning experience for me.

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