04 March, 2009

Burn In Me

For the last several weeks the Holy Spirit has been pulling me away to be alone more and more. God is challenging me, shaping me... changing me. If you've ever been there, you know that while these times are needed and exciting, they are also painful and lonely... they have to be out of necessity. It is in these times where the Holy Spirit confronts us with who we are in the light of God's Word. It is here were the ugliness of our lives are revealed. It is here were we see clearly the carnal nature that still lurks beneath the surface. I'm here to tell you that it hurts to see what is still there... and it is so humbling to realize that despite my short-comings and failures, God still loves me and I realize that He is not pulling me in and showing me these areas if my life to condemn me, but to mold me more and more into the image of Christ that I spoke of in my last blog entry. The most painful thing for me is to see just how much of that old man is still alive. As the light of the Holy Spirit shines in me, I realize more and more that the selfish heart still lurks and in some ways is still thriving. I'm on a journey and although it hurts so bad I am asking the Holy Ghost to burn in me... not with a shout, but with a consuming fire that will burn out those areas. The struggle is that there are areas and things in my life that when I see them in the light of God's Word, I know they need to go... but I like those things too much! I don't want to let go! So there is battle taking place between my flesh and my spirit and I am piece by piece doing away with some ideas, notions, mindsets and habits that are holding me back from being what my destiny really is in Christ. While it is a painful time of breaking and cleaning house, I am thankful and I am asking God to pour it on and in me; to burn in me and cause me to be more of the man that he'd have me to be.

I share this today for two reasons:
1) If I seem distant, unapproachable, even moody... understand it is a season that I need go through and I will come through better... so be patient with me.

2) I believe God is calling many in His church to a time of purging... and I wanted to ask some folks to recognize that what is happening in your life is for good... that God is taking you on a journey, and that it is a good thing. You'll come out better for it.

Burn in me, Lord... even when I don't like it, burn.

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