21 February, 2009

Living In the Zone

Those in my church have heard me speak often about God's "set ups", those times where God puts us in the right place at the right time for a specific purpose. We need to be aware of these, listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He is whispering to us, and step into the "set up." This week has just been incredible to see how God was moving in my life and in the lives of several around me. It has just been almost unreal to see how pieces just fell in place over and over. The thing that is truly amazing to me is to realize that this is not supposed to be so unusual, but as we walk in the Spirit, this should be the norm for the life of a Spirit-filled Christian. The problem is, we usually are not really walking in the Spirit, but rather tend to wander in and out of that zone as we go about doing our own thing, rather than doing what God wants to accomplish in and through us.
It's my desire, my prayer that I learn to "stay in the zone" where I am truly walking in the Spirit, and not be an occasional visitor. So often we tend to ask God to bless what we are doing, when we ought be doing what God is blessing.

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