25 February, 2009

Sometimes It Gets To Be A Heavy Load

In all the time I have written to this blog, I have only written asking for others to pray for me a few times, but today I find myself in that place where I need prayer.

I know that God has promised to never place more upon us than that which we can bear, but the burden I am carrying right now is so deep, so heavy that I just cannot stop crying. I know that there is a real purpose for this, that the Lord has placed this on me because He has a task, a job for me to carry out... and I want to be faithful to it, but it is a heavy load.
Just pray for strength, wisdom and guidance and that I will stay the course.

Before anyone asks, let me say that I and my family are fine... this revolves around some areas of ministry that the Lord has given me to do. I love it, I really do; but this season I am passing into is going to be a difficult one.

Thanks for your prayers folks.

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