19 January, 2009

It Is Still Not Easy

OK, so Daniel has a semester of college under his belt, and Libby and I have a semester of not having him around the house... so we ought to be over this seperation thing, right?
Well... forget it. It still hurts.
It has been so great having Daniel back under our roof for the past month and now the time comes to ship him back off to U of I and I'm hurting again, and I can tell Libby is too. I look at him and he has grown and matured so much. Many times I feel like I'm looking in a mirror at myself... only it's a time warp type of mirror, because I am staring at the me of 30 years ago. It's kind of spooky feeling at times.

Anyway, today's the day... again. I feel kind of dumb because I know I will most likely see him in a week or two at the most, but when he is not in our house, everything changes. Those of you who have been there know what I mean. All the dynamics of the home change. And I miss him so much when he is gone.

If you are reading this son, just know that you are loved and missed more than you could ever know.

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