27 December, 2008

Time to Chill

I'm sitting here in the living room of our condo in Orlando with the screen door open and listening to the waterfalls outside the room and enjoying the fresh air. I have nothing to do, no where to go, and man, does it feel good! Maybe you've noticed I've not written much the last few weeks, and nothing for over a week. Life has been one giant tangle of stress for the past month or so, which was compounded by the typical holdiay stuff. This year was bad on a lot of folks, due to the economic crunch, which meant there was a lot more needy folks calling the church and making demands on my time schedule. Add to this the recent accident my wife was in, totalling one of our vans, and the stress meter went through the roof. Of course, the combination of weather conditions, economic conditions and people being people which has led to a tremendous decrease in giving to the church.... let's just say the stress meter does not go that high! Worry does not help the situation one bit, but it's hard not to worry when the area that will have to be trimmed from the church budget is my pay check, which could mean I have to take another job to make ends meet. I came really close to making the decision to not take our vacation to save money just in case that cut is needed, but I was at the place I was ready to pop, so we left town. Funny, everyone around here expects that since you are in Orlando you have to do Disney or Universal or some other thing like that. All I want to do is do nothing. As much as I can, I want to let go of the need to get our next car financed, the stress of the church bills, trying to get kids church sets done, the leaking roof and dangerous walkway at the church and everything else associated with it. In just a few minutes I am going down to the pool with a book and my shades, leaving the cell phone in the room and I am going to chill. Tomorrow, I will do the same thing... and the next day... and the next. For this week only, I resign from life and all it's stress and worry.

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