08 December, 2008


So, this morning I stepped off our back porch and as my feet hit the sidewalk I discovered that the sidewalk was a sheet of ice as my feet went straight in the air and I flew a few feet landing on my back and my left elbow. I hit so hard that it knocked the wind out of me. It hurt so bad that I did not even attempt to get up for a bit. I'm not really sure how long I was there, probably not more than 30 seconds, but it seemed like a lot longer. As I finally did get up I found myself looking around to make sure none of my neighbors had witnessed my gracefulness. I went on out and started the van and cleaned the ice off the windows then came back and went down to the basement to get some ice melt to put on the walks. About this time, as I reached to pick up the bag of ice melt, I realized I really was starting to hurt. I took Ash to school and by the time I'd driven back home I was getting very stiff and sore. I cooked some eggs and got a cup of coffee and sat down in front of the TV to eat and catch up on the news. Just a little bit later when I tried to get up off the couch, I realized I was hurt a little worse than I thought. I feel like an idiot... not sure why. Just know I'm going to be moving a bit slow for a day or two.

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