10 December, 2008

I Told You So

I really don't like being one who says, "I told you so," but this is one time that I have to do it. There are some who I associate with who have heard me say for 4 years that Gov. Blagojavich would end up in prison. Some of them have accused me of simply being "right wing" and one who just hates Democrats and that was my supposed motivation for talking against this Governor. Well, I feel vindicated, and I've already called some of them and asked them what they had to say now. I'm saying this is just the tip of the iceburg... just watch. There will be a lot more to be uncovered on Blogojavich... or will there?
I told my wife last night that I smell a rat in this. The timing stinks. This "new" investigation seems to have side-tracked an ongoing 3 year plus investigation of Rowdy Rod. I am questioning all this. Will they go back and complete that investigation? If not, then I say it is because it was getting too close to the President elect. Think about this: On the tapes, Blagojavich is upset that he is not getting more from Obama. Well, the real question here is, "why would he EXPECT more from him?" I'm betting there has been back room deals made and financing and so on which Rod thought he deserved more from Obama now that he has been elected. Will the truth ever come out? Don't know... but I'm watching and waiting. If you are not from Illinois, you don't have a clue. Illinois politics is a cesspool of corruption. Has been for years. Go back to the 1982 election which was extremely close, and all of a sudden several ballot boxes were "discovered" in the trunk of a car in Chicago that put Thompson over the top to defeat Stevenson. Just one of dozens, if not hundreds of such episodes. Take a look at Blagojevich. A nobody who takes a rapid rise to Governor and was already targeted to run for President. His father in-law is one of the most powerful aldermen in Chicago. Seems like another guy out of Chicago just took another rapid rise from abscurity to national and International prominence. Hmmm... just got to wonder!

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