19 October, 2008

What DOES Obama Have To Hide?

Take the time to watch this video. Every American needs to see it. This is a real lawsuit that is in fact going through our court system. If there is nothing to hide, tell me, why doesn't Obama just turn the record over and end this lawsuit. His refusal speaks loudly. His team of lawyers is seeing to delay this case until after the election. Why? Because if the election is held and Obama wins, and then it is proven that he is in fact ineligible to hold the office of US President, there would be rioting across this nation on a scale that we have never witnessed before. I really don't know if he is a natural born citizen or not, but I echo the question, If he has nothing to hide, then why not just turn over the records and prove it and put an end to this lawsuit. Something is wrong here... terribly wrong!

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