03 October, 2008

This is "The Messiah"?

This morning a friend in Alabama sent me the link to the following video... and I have been sitting here grieved ever since I watched it. If you watch the video, you will hear a nurse tell her story of how babies that survive abortions are left out to die, and how that she held a dying baby and rocked him until he died because she could not bear to leave this child to die all alone. Why was this baby left to die? Because it had dared to survive the abortion procedure... so it must die. As you watch this video, you will discover that Barak Obama has fought to allow this type horror to continue. He has voted in favor of this not once, not twice but three times. Please understand, Obama not only supported this gruesome murdering of babies while in Illinois government, but as a U.S. Senator he has sat and listened to this woman testify before the senate about this practice and he STILL voted in favor of allowing the practice to continue! This is not a case of someone being uninformed... he has heard testimony over and over and still supported the continued torture and murder of infants that dared to survive an abortion! Folks, if you can watch this video and come away still feeling that you can vote for Barak Obama, then I have to question what kind of person you are. If for no other reason, this should be enough to make every Christian vote, if not for John McCain, at least against Barak Obama. This man scares me. He is cold hearted and calculated in his march toward the White House, and it is time for people to actually start investigating for themselves to find out just who this guy is, what he stands for and where he will take America. He is a socialist, as pointed out by Joe Biden in the debate last night. (I'll save this for another blog) His goal is to lead us toward socialized medicine, a re-distribution of wealth, the killing of innocents who are unwanted, a law making it a mandate that every teenager will be FORCED to serve 2 years either in the military or peace corp. His plans strip freedoms from America in ways we have never seen before.

Let me get back on track. Watch the video, then tell me what you think about "the Messiah."

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