29 October, 2008

Some People Should Not Vote

The following is just sad and it shows how so many in this country, both Republican and Democrat are not following the issues at hand, but are just acting like lemmings running off a cliff when it comes to voting, following what others tell them to do, rather than reading, listening and researching for themselves. Watch this first video, and you will see what I mean.

OK, so you can see just how uninformed people can be, and please understand, this is the mind of tens of thousands of people out there who will cast their ballot in a few days for the person who will lead us into the next four years as a nation. I believe this election is one of the most crucial elections our country has ever faced. We have a candidate who has openly spouted Marxist views, and has commented that our Constitution reminds him of Nazi Germany viewpoints and needs to be changed by the Supreme Court. (Yes, Obama has said this.) This election is not just another Republican/Democrat battle, this is for the very fiber and standing of our Nation.

Now, I want to show you another video to show you just how little some voters are even paying attention, but rather they have been entranced by the Pied Piper (Obama) and it does not matter what is said or done, their vote will go to Obama. In this video, people who plan to vote for Obama were asked how they supported his policies. The thing is, the person asking the questions did not present Obama's policies, they used McCain's, and the people supported them. Go figure! I know that some will say that they were "tricked" but the reporter asked the questions very clearly and slowly, even repeating them, and still they said they would agree with the policies, simply because they thought they belonged to Obama. This indicates that people are prone to vote for a personality, not an issue... and that is dangerous for America! History records another case where a young, charismatic, dynamic speaker was voted into power without people understanding what he stood for. Adolf Hitler was that man. I'm not comparing Obama to Hitler, I'm simply trying to point out what can happen when people vote for a personality rather than voting the issues.
Watch this video:

Now here's the thing. It is the responsibility for each voter to understand where each candidate stands on the issues. But this nation has raised up a generation that does not know how to study things out. We as a nation have become dependent on 30 second sound bites from the media to do our thinking for us. This year, we are seeing how a corrupt media can sway an election and people's minds. Right now there is a video tape that the LA Times has that if it were to be released, it would turn this election around overnight. It shows Barack Obama at an anti-Israel rally with radical muslim extremists. No, he does not say anything that says he feels this way, but the very fact that he is at this rally, sitting with people who are known terrorists and anti-Israel speaks loud and clear. But America will not be allowed to see this video. America is being duped. She is following the Pied Piper, completely unaware of that destruction lies just ahead.

Obama's plan to re-distribute the wealth is nothing short of Marxism. It has been tried and failed in country after country. In fact, if you go back and look at our Nation's history, it was tried and failed here in the first days following the Pilgrim's coming to America. I'll save that story for the next blog because this one is getting too long. Please take time to watch the videos. It is time for this nation to wake up. Next week will be too late!

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