12 October, 2008

So Long For Now, My Friend

I haven't posted in a few days for a couple of reasons. First, I was gone out of town for a couple of days to attend the Illinois State Minister's Meeting. The second reason is really the reason why I have been silent. On Thursday, I received word that Louise Piggee had passed away. Those who knew her affectionately called her Miss Piggee (pronounced Piggy). If ever I could say of anyone that they were an anointed woman of God, Miss Piggee was. I only knew her for the last 2 years, but this woman became one of my dearest friends and co-laborers. I found strength daily in knowing that Louise was calling my name in prayer. She challenged me to take my walk with Christ deeper in ways that few have ever impacted me. She was always quick with a compliment when appropriate, but just as quick to point things out in the Word and challenge me when it was needed. She often pushed me to preach the Word with boldness and not worry about people's criticism or the backlash that might come. I'm really going to miss our talks. I'm going to miss seeing her dance as she praised the Lord. I'm going to miss her more than I can say. (And I'm really going to miss her cooking! That woman cooked greens like no other person could.)

Ms. Piggee had her own ministry, and she honored me by sitting under my preaching and teaching and allowing those whom she was discipling to do the same. I cannot tell you how much that confidence meant to me. And as we come to the end of her time on earth and approach her funeral, her family has given me such a high honor by asking me to preach her funeral. I must tell you, it will be difficult to get through without breaking down, but I will give it my very best to honor her and to preach the Gospel message that she would want preached at her funeral. To her family and friends, thank you for the honor of doing this service.

Those of you who knew her, you know what I mean. Those who never had the privilege, I'm telling you, a great woman of God has gone home to her reward. With her passing, there is a great void in the Body of Christ in the Galesburg area. I'm praying for others to step up and fill that gap. As much as it hurts and I miss her already, I am rejoicing that she has finished her course and she now has seen Jesus face to face. I'll miss her, but I will see her again. Until we meet again, my friend... and I believe that is going to be very soon!

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