07 October, 2008

My Little Girl Grows Up... Sort Of

My baby girl is growing up fast... much to fast for my liking. She's still daddy's little girl and has to come crawl in my lap... but those times are getting less and less frequent. I have always cherished those moments, but they mean more to me now than ever. I realize that before too long, she too will be gone from our house; something I don't want to think about.
This past Saturday night, she went to her school dance, which she has done before, but this time she actually had a date... her first date ever. She was scared to death to ask me if she could go on a date. I asked her why, and she said, "I thought you'd kill him." Apparently she had told the boy (Tanner) that I was pretty protective of her, because he was scared to death. It was pretty funny watching him. I've known the kid for 3 years, but he was still terrified. I took these pictures of her, Tanner and some of her friends.
One of my favorite pictures is the one
where she is giving the thumbs up behind her pumpkin... that's my girl's real personality.

If you are reading this Little Bit, daddy loves you and is proud of you.
You are growing into quite a
lovely little lady.

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