01 October, 2008

Be Still... and Wait

I have said before that patience is not one of my strong suits. I'm the type that wants tomorrow here today. I am not a good "waiter".
I'm having to learn and practice this right now in a big way. There were events taking place in my life that I knew was God, and I saw things unfolding before me that were only explained by attributing it all to God. Then, suddenly, it all began to unravel. What I knew to be the Lord's leading, suddenly, literally in 24 hours, turned completely the opposite direction. I was fine with this, so long as I knew that what was happening was the Lord, until...
I found out that certain people had done some things that were rather ungodly, and this brought out the fighter in me. If you don't know me, I am a fighter. This is one area where me and patience are not good at working together, when I know someone else is interfering in my life. I was ready to fight with all I had... and then God sent a word to me.
A man whom I had never met before that day walked up to me and spoke directly into my life. I won't quote him here because it would reveal things that others don't need to know, but it was unmistakably the Lord speaking through this man. The gist of the message was that while man may have gotten in the way, the Lord was in charge of my life and he had only good things in store for me, and then those words I don't like to hear, even though they bring peace... "be still, stand your ground, do not move and do not let yourself be moved, but wait on me and I will show up in a mighty way."

OK, so I know because of the specifics that were said, and the confirmation in my spirit that this was indeed the Lord... but I have got to tell you... Be still... and wait" are words that I don't typically handle well. But the Lord has been speaking to me that he is in control. The word in Isaiah has been just jumping out of me over and over... "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles..."

You know... I will never understand how people can get all full of themselves and mess things up so badly... but I am so glad that the Lord is on the throne and His will, His plan will be accomplished. It may be delayed... it may be removed from a people to whom reject His will, but God will always work out His will within a people who will love Him first, foremost and always, and put His will in front of their own.

So while I may not be liking it to much right now Lord... I wait for You.

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