04 September, 2008

Take a Look at Sarah Palin

The folks who posted this video of Sarah Palin actually posted it to attack her, but they've done me a favor. Watching this video I got a glimpse into the real heart of this woman. As a Christian, I am proud to stand with this woman and so proud that she is not ashamed of her relationship with Jesus Christ. This video was from just about 3 or 4 months ago. This IS the real Sarah Palin. We, the Body of Christ need to lift this woman up in prayer daily. Check it out. This is pretty well off the cuff. She did not know if she was going to be able to make it to this event and when she did get there she spoke from her heart. I love the heart that I am seeing in this woman!


Sarah said...

The great intellectuals of The View are now discussing and picking apart this video (piecing bits together a + 2 = blue).

I turned it on to see Megan McCain but I can’t sit through this.

Darrell said...

I hear you Sarah. The way I choose to look at it is this; they are attacking Palin this way because they are running scared. The more they attack, the better off I know we are!

(You need to start blogging again!)

Anonymous said...

Sarah stand tall and hold your head up high and when you need to lean on someone.....remember the 37 million that listened to you speak and know how many are behind the Mcclain Palin ticket...I am a registered democrat that has switched. Sarah, show the nation what family life is really like with the good and not so good. I AM STANDING BEHIND YOU TO GIVE YOU STRENGTH. Nana C