10 September, 2008

Now He's Blaming Republicans!

I'm sitting here watching Obama speak about his mistake yesterday and rather than explain what he meant, or apologize, he spins it to say that the Republican party and John McCain are at fault for his blooper. He says the Republicans caused it to be on all the news media and called it a "made up controversy." Excuse me?
MSNBC, CNN, FOX... all the media outlets were carrying this and making a big deal of it, not the Republicans. I watched Mike Huckabee on Fox last night say we need to cut Obama some slack on this. It's not the Republicans, it is the media, and it is a fact that most people feel he was attacking Palin.

Barak, stand up and say, "I'm sorry. I did not mean it that way." That would go far.
But your answer is cowardly and says to me that you are not fit to lead. A real leader is big enough to take the blame upon himself for mistakes he makes. You sir are too egotistical and arrogant to apologize. See him for what he is folks!

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