12 September, 2008

I Hate to Sound Insensitive, but...

I know I am going to sound like an insensitive jerk, but I have got to ask the question... What in the world are these idiots on Galveston Island thinking?
Hurricane Ike is zeroing in on Texas, and more precisely on Galveston. The storm is massive and there is a mandatory evacuation order that has been given and a strong warning that if you remain on the island there will be tremendous devastation and the possibility of death is almost certain. And yet, many of the residents of Galveston are refusing to leave, saying they will ride the storm out. I don't get it.

I've been on Galveston Island, a beautiful place, but I've seen and heard of the destruction of a previous hurricane. They've built a 17 foot sea wall around part of the island to protect it, but they are calling for storm serges of 20-25 feet! Hey... do the math. That is 3 -8 feet over the top of the wall! If Ike hits with this kind of force, Galveston is toast. And having been there, I can tell you that the sea wall does not go all the way around the island. The southern end of the island, complete with million dollar homes is wide open to the wind and sea. If this storm hits as they are predicting, the destruction is going to be beyond imagination. I truly do not understand the decision of anyone to stay on the island. I was there when hurricane Charlie was steaming across the Gulf a few years ago. They were warning people then to prepare to evacuate and most were doing so. Fortunately for Galveston (and us), Charlie suddenly turned and headed for Florida that week, and we all know what Charlie did to Florida. But Ike seems to have set it's sights on Galveston. I wish these people would wake up and decide to get off the island this morning... but if they don't, we need to pray for them. They are going to need it.

Incidentally, this causes me to think about those that live on this island called earth and hear the warnings over and over that Jesus is coming soon and if you don't prepare, certain (eternal) death and damnation awaits; still they ignore the warnings. Like it or not folks, all we can do is sound the alarm. Each one must make their own choice and the consequences of their choice rests on their own shoulders.

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