10 June, 2008

A Word in Due Season

I had just finished posting my previous blog entry about vacation coming to an end and now being ready to go home when I received an email from a friend in Germany with the following Word from the Lord. I know Johonnes may have sent this to others as well, but I receive this for myself. Those who know me and my situation will see how it fits so well for where we are right at this moment.

Thank you Holy Spirit!

My child, live in my strength.

Live from my Holy Spirit.
Do not take the usual path – rather, learn to be led by my Spirit.
My Spirit leads you through impossible and unusual paths.
I will bring you in contact with people you do not yet know.
I am building for you new bridges, which have not existed before now.
I am raising well wishers and supporters for you.
I carry you in my arms.
I will take you to the achievement of your life’s goals, says the Lord.
I will send you help from a place that is still unknown to you as at now.
I will take care of your needs, just like I did to Elijah by the brook.
Stay right where I have placed you, and continue confidently that which I have
commanded you.
Listen to your heart.
My righteous ones will never have to beg for bread.
I will stay by your side says the Lord.
The people, who now fight against you, will soon change sides, and serve you.
The difficulties which now face you will tomorrow turn out to be miracles for
you will cause you to marvel.
Closed doors will fling themselves open for you, and clogged sources will
begin to flow. Your “dry times” will soon be over,says the Lod

You are very important to me, says the Lord.
I have chosen you. I have carried you up till this moment, and kept you.
I have even greater plans for you.
I want to write history with you.
What I have done with other people in other places,
I want to use you to accomplish exactly there, where you are,
and with just that, which you have.
I do not need much in humanly terms to complete my miracles says the Lord.
5 loaves were enough for me to feed the a thousand
I only want to increase the little that you still have and make you a wonder
for all to see.
In the presence of your worst enemy, do I prepare a table before you.
All the negative experiences you have had in recent times,
I am turning to blessings and victories for you.
I will wipe away your tears, and fill your mouth with rejoicing, says the

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