31 May, 2008

Say What?

I've tried not to say much about the "revival" that is taking place in Lakeland, Florida because I wanted to be sure before I said anything. I've had numerous questions about things I've heard, but since I have not witnessed them, have no proof of the things said, I've kept silent. I choose still to keep my mouth shut, but I am going to let Todd Bentley speak for himself. Tell me what you think.

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Kevin S. (manmail) said...

Sooooooo . . . The Holy Spirit and demons can be roommates? This charlatan is either trying to reduce God to the level of His creation or else he is trying to elevate satan to the level of God (the creator of Satan).
And equating human emotions (like fear) to being demon possessed? C'mon- this guy is a small child in his way of thinking. Time to grow up and take responsibility for your own poor choices- like beating your own mother. Satan can't make anyone do anything they don't already want to do. This business of passing off personal responsibility to "the devil made me do it" has got to stop.
This dude can't even discern between the schizophrenic voices in his head and the still small voice of God. He needs to just shut up. Whatever is going on in Florida is apparently not Spirit lead if this fakir has anything to do with it. Run, do not walk, for the nearest exit and shake the dust off of your shoes while you are at it.