15 May, 2008

The Mid-west Earthquake

Below is a note I posted on a messaging board where I talk with other folks in the ministry. I am not altering it at all, this is simply copied from that board, a post I made on May 8.


At the risk of hanging myself out there for great criticism, I have decided it is time to share what the Lord has been speaking to me.

Most of you, especially those of us in the mid-west, are aware that we had an earthquake and a series of aftershocks just a couple of weeks ago. Let me begin by going back to that time. The afternoon, or early evening prior to the earthquake, I was standing in my kitchen when suddenly both of my kids came running, one from upstairs, the other from our office, and excitedly asking if I had felt "that". I asked what they meant, and both told me how the entire house had been shaking. I did not feel a thing. Of course, in the very early morning hours of the next day, we had an earthquake hit in Illinois that shook Illinois, Indiana, Western Kentucky, part of Tennessee and Missouri, followed by numerous aftershocks for the next couple of days.

The excitement and tension of it all disappeared after a couple of days, but there was something stirring inside of me. I began to pray and really seek after what the Lord was saying to me. Last week, I began to hear it. God was saying that there was a prophetic message in the quakes. I still did not get it, until I was speaking of this with a close friend and suddenly it just started coming out of my mouth. God was saying that there is a shaking getting ready to take place in the Body, in particular in the mid-west region of the US. I believe this "shaking" will begin with the youth, as was symbolized in my kids feeling or sensing it a full 12 hours before anyone else did. Then there will be a bigger "shaking" that will cause people take notice across the United States. The Holy Spirit told me that in the midst of this move of God, there would be many who did not see or recognize it as God and some that denied it all together. This is symbolized by those who slept through the whole thing, or even were awake and never felt a thing, while others all around them were witnesses.

As I have prayed, the Lord showed me that there are strategic places where this shaking or move of God would be centered. They will be in the mid-central part of Illinois, in and around the Springfield area; all around the Terre Haute to Vincensse, Indiana; Western Kentucky; Nashville, Tennessee; in my own area, ranging from Peoria, through Galesburg, up through the Quad Cities region.

I believe this will be of such a magnitude that it will gain national, even International attention and it will begin to spread into other areas.

Call me a nut if you want, but I believe we are right on the verge of a great outpouring here in the mid-west.

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