08 March, 2008

"Christian" Does Not Always Mean Honest.

Let the Buyer Beware!

A few years ago the previous church where I pastored bought me a Skyangel satellite dish and a years subscription to the service. Skyangel was 24 hours a day Christian programing and family programing. They offered quite a few channels and I really enjoyed it. The following year, Skyangel contacted us (as well as all subscribers and offered us a deal to purchase a life-time subscription for between $400 and $500 (I can't remember the exact amount). The deal was we pay that fee and for the rest of our lives we were to get Skyangel. It was normally around $100 a year, so this was a good deal. Or so we thought.

About a year later, they game playing began. They began changing the programing, dropping channels and then wanted to charge extra for "premium" service, which was the channels we used to get. To make a long story short, skyangel has now decided to stop being a satellite provider and is going to an internet based company. When asked about the life-time subscription, they reply that we did get a life-time subscription. They said the life time of how long they offered the service.
I'm sorry, but that is bogus. The company is still in existence, they just decided to go in a new direction, and they are now charging subscriptions to their new method of providing their service over the internet. They should honor their contract with us, and transfer our life-time subscription in this venue, but nope, they won't.

Let this be your warning... Do not do business with this company!
They call themselves Christian, but they are dishonest at best, and crooks at the worst.

You've been warned!

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