29 February, 2008

Need your help folks

I'm playing a game where I am building a city and must build the population, create industry, build roads, hire police/security, increase business and improve the environment. The way I do these things is to have others click on one link each day to do each of the above tasks. You can only do one thing per day. At this point, I can only increase the population or create industry. After the town grows larger, I will be able to do the others, and will provide more links.

Would you do me the favor of clicking one of these links? You do not have to do anything else, but you can leave comments about the city there if you want. I will be adding these links to this site and hope you will click on one of them everyday to help me out.


To add new roads, click here

To add a factory, click here: http://itsmytown2.myminicity.com/ind

To add to the population, click here: http://itsmytown2.myminicity.com


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