17 December, 2007

Good bye Dan

I just read the news that Dan Fogelberg died this morning at the age of 56, way too young for anyone to die.
I never had the privile
ge of meeting Dan or even to have heard him live in concert, but he held a special play in my heart. He wrote/performed some music that had a tremendous impact in my life and I have always admired his talent. There was a period of my life where I was driven by money, so much that I swore that if I did not have a million dollars by the time I reached my 35th birthday that I would blow my brains out. One night I was listening to the radio and a song played that asked the question, "Are you under the power of gold?" It caused me to re-think some things in my life and realize that I was being controlled by what fools deemed successful and happy. Another song that I always related to was his tribute to his father, "Leader of the Band." There are many others, but one that is probably remembered most by people, especially at this time of year is "Same Old Lang Syne." It is such a shame that such a talent leaves us this early in life. Fogelberg had been battling prostate cancer for about 4 years.

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