13 December, 2007

"Are You Giving Up On Blogging?"

I received a message from someone yesterday asking me if I was tired of blogging or if I was giving up on it, because I have not written much lately. The answer to that person, as well as to all, is an emphatic "No." The fact is, here lately I have simply been too busy to take the time to write anything at all. We have been extremely busy trying to get everything ready for our church Christmas musical, and with all the set building, painting and so on, plus the regular duties of pastor, time has been pressed to the limit and when I did have a few minutes to spare, my mind has been too taxed to even try to "think deep." The production goes on in just 2 more days and I still have several things to complete, so I am off again in just a few minutes to get it completed.

A secondary note: Those who have been regular readers, I am quite sure have noticed that there have been times where I simply take a break from blogging, and then usually come back with a vengeance. I know that when I have done this I frequently lose some readers, at least for awhile, but it is something I need to do, so that I don't burn out and walk away. Blogging for me is therapeutic. It helps me get things off my chest and sometimes just helps me with my thinking process. I'm thankful for all those who read, but I really do this more for me than for anyone. So, it is quite doubtful that I will ever quit altogether.
But thanks for asking!

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