05 November, 2007

Someone FINALLY says it!

I have waited for someone, anyone to say what has needed to be said about this war on terror we are in. The fact is that America is trying to fight a social war, while the Islamic States are fighting a religious war. The difference is staggering and we have got to come to grips with this. You cannot negotiate, you cannot compromise, because they are fighting for religious reasons, and they will not bend in any area. Death to them is victory, so they do not fear us dropping a bomb on them. They have nothing to lose in nuking Israel, England, the US or anyone, because if they are in turn killed, they view it as being a religious martyr and therefore an instant ticket into heaven. Listen to what Newt has to say here. I applaud him and I pray some people in the right positions begin to realize that our "strategy" has got to change, or we are in a heap of trouble.

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