04 October, 2007

This World is Becoming So Sick!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Britney Spears and how that we needed to pray for this young lady. I've watched as the media has not only dogged her every move, but they have celebrated her downfall and mocked her with tabloid articles and TV shows that absolutely trash her life and make fun of her for her drug addiction and other problems. I commented on my friend Neil Smith's blog that they would not be happy until she committed suicide. I even thought to myself that some of these vultures would welcome her suicide just so they'd have fodder for more TV shows and articles.

Think I'm nuts?
Listen to this:
A DJ for Detroit radio station 955 said this on his Tuesday night broadcast:
"If you can guess the exact day that Britney dies, whether it's from drugs or however she dies, if you're right, we'll give you a thousand bucks."

How sad and sick is that? They actually want to make a game or a contest out of sitting, watching and hoping for this womans self-destruction! We, as a society have slipped so far that I fear there is no return to sanity. I have to say, "Come Lord, quickly!"


Ken said...

Vultures without wings!

Neil said...

And yet her newly released single just went to the top of the Billboard charts and was downloaded 179,000 time (Cnn.Com)

We need to email this station and rip them a new one!

Darrell said...

They are really catching it. They've been ripped, even from one of their own DJ's.
Fox News has carried the story today and they have "retracted" the contest, but how do you retract what you've already said to millions of people over the air?