11 October, 2007

Say it isn't so Billy!

I was just floored when I saw this video clip. I have respected Billy Graham for years and this just left me speechless. How truly sad.


Cathy said...

Luke 6:37
Psalm 105:15
Romans 14:10
Matthew: 7:1-2
James 4:11

If you believe you are not judging, then why show the video that is definitely judging this man of God?

Darrell said...

I never said I was not judging them, did I?

I said I cannot be the judge on who God allows into heaven. You'd better believe I am judging these men. What they are speaking is heresy.

Ken said...

The parable of the Fig Tree tells us that we do need to judge ones fruit. Frankly, the fruit shown by these two in this conversation is rancid. True followers of Christ believe that He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIFE. Not, a way or a truth or a life. As a Minister of the gospel, Billy Graham knows better, in fact his earlier years confirm exactly that. I do not judge his soul but the doctrine espoused in this clip is nothing but heresy. Darrell is well within his biblical right.