01 October, 2007

My, They Do Grow Up In a Hurry

Seems like it was only yesterday they were my little ones, but time does fly, and they sure do grow up in a hurry.
Ashley is a freshman this year and Daniel is a senior. They both went to the homecoming dance this past Saturday evening. The picture on the right is in our backyard just before they each left.
Messed with my head something fierce to see my baby girl looking so grown up and to look at my son and see a man who will be leaving for college before I know it.

Those of you with young ones at home... enjoy it while you can, because the next thing you know, they'll be looking you in the eye and asking for the car keys.


Libby said...

Had a hard time not crying. Every time I get aggravated at not being able to find my shoes or makeup I think about the fact that in three years I won't have a reason to get aggravated.

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

Oh Libby honey!

You don't know what aggravation is until you have your children in college, and they NEVER call home...or they call ALL the time....

Anonymous said...

This came at a great time for me. I am struggling with my 5 year old twin boys. one is very cooperative and the other fights me tooth and nail for everything. It gets so exhausting, yet , every day they do something so edearing. I am so glad that God gave them to me. Just give me the strength to raise them as I should.