13 September, 2007

Pray For Britney Spears

This young lady started out being raised in a Christian home. The enemy of her soul has elevated her only to knock her legs out from under her. My heart has just broke for her in recent months, especially this past week the way Hollywood and the press have just ripped her to pieces, not caring that this is a person they are doing this to.
I don't care if you like her or not, we need to lift her up in prayer. I'm praying that she will be like the prodigal son and come to her senses and remember where home is, and give her life back to Jesus Christ.

I don't know who made this video, but they did an awesome job.

Life of Britney Spears...Casting Crowns

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Neil said...

Britney Spears is the visual expression of the inner feelings of many people in our world today. She has been bold enough to not only accept the fame and fortune, but to also reap the rewards of living such a public, fast paced life. Her life is a personal choice, but one I doubt she ever thought would include such responsibility and cost. I agree, she needs our prayerful support, she needs some true friends and a deliverer!

Cathy said...

I agree with what you said, Pastor, and I agree with you in prayer for her. I have also thought for a long time that she needs to be delivered. That was a great video.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago God woke me up in the night and said, “Pray for Britney Spears.” I thought, “What? Did I hear that correctly? She has everything going for her! What should I pray for her about? I never thought of Britney at all. I was not following her career.” I will have to admit I was not very faithful to this call. I shot up a quick prayer then and maybe even another when I heard her name mentioned. But, I was not faithful to regular pray for the young star.

I should have learned from past things that God has revealed to me and I guess my self absorbtion or how should I put this… We do not see the big picture that God sees but sometimes we or at least I- process things through my earthly eyes and forget I see only a tiny section of the map. Well, that is neither here nor there. So, I am praying for her now. Daily. Better late than never.

It is easy to be reminded to pray for Britney because you just turn on the morning news and there is some member of the Spears family getting in trouble. This morning she was taken to the hospital and appeared to be smiling in the ambulance. When I saw this clip; I had a new thought. If Britney’s new album has sold more than any of her past albums, the people around her may not be really trying to help her because this type of behavior has spurred on her sales to a new level. What if they do not really care about the destruction of her as a person? And what about those precious boys?

I wish Britney knew that God loves her so much that He spoke to me and possibly others years ahead because it grieves Him for her to go through this! The God of The Universe cares so deeply for her. I am sure she feels people love her because of who she is and how they can benefit from a relationship with her. But, God loves her just because she is His child. I have actually really grown to love her by praying for her everyday. (As I mentioned before I was not following her career or really into her before this calling.) I believe your heart really opens up and embraces a person when you pray for them.

I know through prayer she will move ahead and get through this and I can replace her prayers with prayers for another. I have learned from my mistakes ( I hope) and plan to be more faithful when called to pray for the next person God loves and is concerned about.

I would really love to send Britney, the Princess of Pop, a copy of Princess Bubble. Princess Bubble learns true happiness comes from loving God.I think Britney needs to be reminded of this. But, I have no idea where to send a book. So, I will just continue to pray and hope others will join me.