24 September, 2007

I Married Lucy

Let me start off by saying that I love my wife dearly and thank God for her everyday. Also, may I tell you that Libby is exceptionally intelligent with a very high IQ. That said, may I also say that I am married to an airhead. Seriously, look the word up in the dictionary or encyclopedia and you will find a picture of my wife there... I'm sure of it. Many of you who know my wife, only know a part of her. You ought to live with her. It's a riot... although it can be frustrating. You never know what kind of stunt she will pull next.
Think I'm just bashing my wife? A couple of years ago I was talking with my mother in-law and she said, "So, what's it like being married to Lucy?" (Don't believe me folks, ask Libby, she will tell you!)

I could tell so many Libby stories, but for now, let me just tell you what she did this morning. I have been very tired and I decided to sleep in this morning and I'd go get one of the vans from the high school later. Libby is rushing around trying to get ready and as usual is running a bit late, so when she is almost ready to go, she gathers up her stuff and the things she wants to take from the bedroom down stairs. She says, "Have a good day, babe" and leans over to kiss me, forgetting that she has a full glass of water in her hand and she proceeds to pour water all over me and the bed. I wanted to get mad... but the only thought that could come to mind is, "I married Lucy."

As I have been typing this, other stories started coming to mind, and believe me there are some real doozies. I can see a whole series of posts about my marriage to Lucy... er, I mean Libby. We'll see if she skins me alive over this one, and if I survive, then I will write more later.


The 6 Karns' said...

You know, it's a good thing Libby doesn't drink coffee! Ouch...

Libby said...

I said I was sorry :( Tell what you will. I'm honest enough to admit the truth. I AM Lucy.