03 September, 2007

God's A Turtle?

Kids are amazing. I love being around them, just watching and listening to them. You just never know what tidbits of wisdom you might pick up from them, and of course, they are always good for good laugh too!

This little fellow on the right of your screen is named Brock. He's my buddy. He has two brothers and a sister and honestly, I have the greatest time just sitting back and watching the four of them. They are a riot. One of the things I love about the kids from this family is that each one of them has a very distinctive personality and character traits. Brock is just a bundle of energy. Watching him is like watching a tornado. He goes 90 to nothing all the time and he just flat out loves making people laugh.... and he is good at it too!

Sometime back I was over at this family's house and Brock was running around in a Spiderman costume. I said to him, "Dude, you need to wear that to church!" Of course he pestered his parents for weeks about this, because Pastor told him to wear it. Finally one Wednesday night, we had Spiderman sitting in service with us.
You got to love this dude!

This past Sunday, Brock did a classic. He was in Veggie Village, our kids church, and Pastor Anna had told the kids that every time she "God" or "Jesus" she wanted all the boys and girls to shout out, "He is eternal". So they are going along and they have done this a few times when they realize that my buddy Brock is yelling out at the top of his lungs, "He is a turtle!"

That's a classic! I've told his parents that I am going to have him a shirt made up that says, "He is a turtle!"
If the Lord tarries his coming and I am privileged to still be around when Brock is grown up, at his wedding there is going to be a turtle figurine given to he and his bride to keep in their house to help them remember that our God is a turtle... I mean eternal!

Love ya Brock!

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