26 May, 2007

Does God Ever Annoy You? (part 8)

In my ever continuing "Does God Ever Annoy You" series, comes part 8:

First I have to say that I think it is really hilarious that some of you have gotten so offended that I dare write that there are things about God that I find annoying or irritating. Get down off your personal "holiness trip" and be honest enough to admit that there are things that God does or expects you to do that you don't like. Hey, you might as well admit it, because even if you are successful enough to fool everyone around you into thinking that you never question God or get a little irritated with Him, God knows your heart. The thing is, by admitting that I get irritated, annoyed or down right angry opens me up for growth in those areas.
Come grow with me!

Now to the point of today:
I have to admit that I get more than a little impatient with God. God annoys me because he has all the time in the world, and I don't!
At times I don't understand his time-table at all.
I really try, but his method of operation and mine just don't always line up.
For example:
When I came to Galesburg, where I now pastor, God gave me a vision for this church and community. I got all excited about it, and I'm like... "Woo-haa, let's get 'er done!"
OK... I've been here almost three years, and I'm still trying to ride this pony... but I'm ready to run full tilt ahead... but this thing is in a slow trot, if you could even call it a trot.
Now, I see it happening. I see it going the right direction, but I'm anxious, wanting to get to what I see in the spirit realm become a reality now (right now!) but God is still whispering to me..."slow and steady."
But I don't want to go slow and steady!!!!
I mean, I'm getting older!
I've only got so many good years of ministry left in me, and I'm impatient!

Oh yeah, I hear myself...
"I want... I need... I, I, I..."

I realize the problem is in me, and God is working that out in me...
But it annoys me something fierce when I see what we can be, and I want it now!
The reality is, We are not ready for all that just yet... We have not laid the full foundation that is needed... but I'm like... "Come on Lord... how about this month?"

I know I am impatient.
The scripture smacks me right upside the head:
"Do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day."

You see, I know God is right, and I know that it is the Lord who is building the house, and he knows exactly what he is doing...
But it does not change the fact that I get annoyed that his time table is not at all like mine!

Don't even tell me to be patient. I know that this is one of the biggest areas that the Lord is working on me in; and I also know that I have to wait on Him and His timing or I could sink the ship. But I don't do "slow and easy" very well!

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Neil said...

His people annoy me more than He does some times! As for God Himself annoying me, I just don't always understand or agree with His ways, But, Father does know best!