12 March, 2007

International Greetings!

Something really interesting has happened over the last few months. I have picked up readers from literally around the world. I wanted to take just a minute to welcome each of you, both from the United States and especially those from around the world. I've been watching this develop, amazed at how this is happening, and this morning I went in and made a list from the last 100 visitors to my site who stayed for more than a minute. (I can only go back 100 visitors)
Here's a list of those countries (outside the US) that spent time on my site, listed in the order they appeared:

Austria, China, Canada, France, Hungary, United Kingdom, Israel, Denmark, Chile, Ireland, Iraq, Tanzania, Poland, Ecuador, Netherlands, Egypt, Turkey, Ghana, Grand Bahama Island, Iran, Angola, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Greece, Italy, Kenya, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, and Mexico.

If you folks stop back in, I'd love to have a note from you, even if it is just a hello. It is an honor to have you popping by my blog!

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