02 December, 2006

More on the snow... and an answer to prayer!

When I got out of bed yesterday morning, I went downstairs to let our dog, Cinnamon, outside to take care of business. He was all excited, as he is every morning, until he took one step out the door. He hit that snow, and tried to come back inside. I wouldn't let him, so he went out, but did not want to leave the porch. He started to hike his leg right there, until I told him no, and he again tried to come inside. I went out and pushed him off the porch and into the snow. I really did not realize how much snow we had at that time, until the little fur ball disappeared in the snow! He went crazy trying to get out. The picture above is of him emerging from the snow. Below is him standing on the side walk after we started shoveling. You'll note that the snow is deeper than he is tall.. and it was still coming down at that point.
In the pictures from yesterday's posts, you could see our vans were pretty well buried. And again, at that point, it was still coming down. When I went out and started trying to get them out, I realized I was fighting a VERY long, hard battle. Our driveway was just buried. In most places it was at least 14-15 inches deep, and in some places it had drifted to well over 2 feet. To top it off, the snow plows had piled snow at least 3 feet deep and 5 feet across in front of my driveway. I tried calling every snow removal place in the book and they were all too busy to get to it. I found out later that the Mall had closed, as had several other places because there were not enough trucks with plows to move the snow. Besides that, workers could not get in to the stores. So I kept digging... and digging... and digging. I was making progress, but it obviously was going to be a two day job. (We have a pretty long drive way)

As I was shoveling, I was praying that one of those guys would return the call and be able to plow this thing, because by this time I was wondering if we were going to be able to even get out by Sunday! I kept working, when all of a sudden, a man shows up with a Bobcat with a plow and begins clearing out my neighbors driveway. Seizing the moment, I started over to ask him to do mine as well. I figured he might do it since he was right at our house already. He saw me coming and motioned to me that he would clear mine as well. He came over and in 10 minutes had my drive completley cleared. I asked him how much I owed him and he smiled and said, "Call it an answer to prayer" and drove off!
I almost cried. I came inside to tell my wife and could hardly tell her what had happened as I fought back tears.
Some might say it was just a coincidence. I don't think so. I believe God moved on that man's heart to direct him down to our neighborhood. He cleaned out 3 of our driveways and would not take a dime. Why our driveways? Why mine?
Others can say what they want... I will say, "Thank you Jesus!"


Sylvia said...

That happen to Bob also.I was worried that bob was out there and I was getting ready to go out when a gay came and did some plowing.When bob ask what he owed him he said just a thank you.All I could say was thank you God that there is still people like that.I still went out to help and now I am sick again.

Reish said...

Yesterday, I was attempting to shovel the drive when my neighbor saw me, he was about to clear his drive with this huge snow blower and asked me if I wanted him to do mine. I said yes and he, with his car running as he had to get to work, went ahead and cleared my dirve. I offered him money and even to pay for the gas, he said no thanks and that I needed to be able to get out for the kids and in case the church needed me. This guy isn't saved and has never attended the church, but he knew that others relied on me and went out of his way to help.

These times bring out the best of people, and sometimes it can bring out the worse too.

Amy said...

God is so awesome !!!

ruthrap said...

i believe ya Darrell, cause yesterday, when Jose's truck got stuck a block away from home on our way to taking me and Sandra to work..she prayed for us to get out and we did! I would hate to think what kind of shape you would be in if you had to shovel your whole driveway!!! All I've heard today at work is how everyone is down in the back from shoveling snow yesterday!! Ya darn tootin'--God answers prayer!